Congratulations on purchasing your location(s). You are well on your way to financial security.

NJ-ED will help you:

 - boost profits

- cut costs

- protect your investment/enhance  
  your wealth

- Boost profits by selling electric and natural gas to your gasoline      
  customers at a discount and by selling them fuel additives
  that will give them better gas mileage and engine protection.


- Open up a fast food or convenience store on your property, as either a franchise you run, a company-owned store, or leased out through a corporate     
  master lease.

- Cut costs by getting better rates on merchant card transactions, by using a low cost carrier for your own electric and gas needs, by combining 
  your payroll processing and worker's compensation insurance, and on your own electricity by using solar panels with no upfront money required.

- Protect your family and buisiness through low cost life and disability insurance, refinancing your mortgage on better terms, selling your station for the 
  best price, or properly investing your future lawsuit settlement with investment advice provided by Calton & Associate, Inc, member FINRA, SIPC.

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