Q: Why should I become a Viridian electric and gas sales associate?

A: Because many dealers are visited by 5,000 or more customers per week.  About 90% of them are needlessly overpaying for their utilities. If you could capture just 10% of this market then you could pocket $1,000 or more per month. Selling it is easy. You just pass a card to your customers at the point of sale, asking them to bring in their utility bill. You can show them how to save immediately. In addition, you could on your own station’s natural gas usage.


Q: Why should I install solar panels?

A:  Imagine if you had electircity through out the Hurricane Sandy crisis, with solar panels that would have happened . The panels will allow you to eliminate your purchased electricity, and since they can be 100% financed, there is no up-front cost.  The savings should more than cover the monthly payments on the equipment, and once paid off, you will eliminate your electricity bill entirely. The tax credits and depreciation write-off''s are an added bonus.  In addition, your property value will increase significantly. 

Q: Why should I sell fuel additives?

A: Because the mark-up on this product is about 50%, compared with maybe 10% on gas, an increase in  gas mileage of 5% saves the customer about a gallon per stop. However, you can make about ten times as much on that lost gallon, through the fuel additive sale. It will also extend your customers engine life.

Q: Why would I want a C-store or fast food franchise on my property?

A: By either being a landlord or franchisee you can get thousands of dollars a month more in rent or profits. For example, one Exxon dealer just rented out his space on a triple net basis with a base rent of $6,800. I can represent you as either a landlord or franchisee, as a licensed real estate agent.

Q: What can I do to lower my merchant fees on credit cards?

A: By using a low-cost processor, that I refer, you could cut your costs substantially.

Q: I have life insurance already, why should I get more?

A: The mortgage on your property must be paid even if you should die unexpectedly. Life insurance will prevent exposing your family to financial risk. Assuming you are in good health, I can get you low cost life insurance, as a licensed insurance agent.

Q: What about disability insurance?

A: If you become disabled and are unable to work, you will need to replace your services and this would dramatically reduce your income. You can cover that loss through disability insurance which I am also licensed to sell.

Q: I’m currently a plaintiff against ExxonMobil for price fixing and may be receiving a large settlement soon.  How can I invest it safely?

A: As a financial advisor I can help you place this money in an investment that will provide both safety and income. Calton & Associates, Inc. member FNRA, SIPC provides a wide range of investment products.

Q: What are some other cost cutting areas?

A: You could save on your payroll processing and worker's compensation insurance by combining the two with ADP.

Q: Now that I'm making more money I'd like to save for my retirement, how can I do this?

A: You can set-up a 401(k) though your ADP payroll processor.